Violence Prevention Educators

The Phoenix Center at Auraria’s Violence Prevention Peer Education (VPE) Program raises awareness and exposes myths and stereotypes of interpersonal violence through interactive workshops in and out of classrooms.


The VPE program consists of a group of committed Auraria students who provide workshops on a variety of topics topics related to interpersonal violence (IPV). Workshops can be customized to run 60-90 minutes long so they can be easily implemented during a class period, staff meeting, or conference. They are interactive sessions that have very little lecture and intend to engage the students in the discussion of these difficult issues.


If you are interested in becoming involved with the VPE team, stop by the PCA in Tivoli 259 to get more information and chat with current educators. Click HERE for a link to the job description and HERE for the application.


To be considered for a position on our violence prevention educator team, please send in your cover letter, completed application, and resume to and