Who do I report to?

If this is an emergency, you are injured, or you feel as though you are in imminent danger: please call 303-556-5000 for the Auraria Police Department

If you are a victim/survivor of interpersonal violence (including but not limited to: sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking) or know about an incident that occurred to someone else and are thinking of reporting it to campus officials, we know it can be confusing to know who the best person on campus is to tell.

This page hopes to make that process easier for you by providing a quick and easy list of the appropriate contacts who are all trained to help you navigate the university or college’s process. For more detailed information on what will happen once you have made the report, please visit our “What Happens if I Report” page.

Click on an “I am” link below to determine the best person for you to speak to.

I am…

A Staff or Faculty member

A student (including work study students)

A visitor to campus

I am a Staff or Faculty member:

Each of the below individuals will be able to guide you through the reporting process:
If you work at CU Denver contact: The Employment Rights and Compliance Officer, 303-315-2700
If you work at MSUD contact: Executive Director or Associate Director of the Equal Opportunity Office, 303-556-3022
If you work at CCD contact: Director of Human Resources, 303-352-3007
If you work at AHEC contact: Director of Institutional Relations, 303-556-8080 or the Campus Liaison, 303-556-2319

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I am a Student:

Each of the below individuals will be able to guide you through the reporting process:
If you are a CU Denver student contact: Community Standards and Wellness, 303-556-3682
If you are a MSUD student contact: Associate Dean of Students/Judicial Officer, 303-556-4042
If you a CCD student contact: Associate Dean for Student Life/Student Conduct Officer, 303-556-8164

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I am a Visitor on Campus:

Contact the Phoenix Center at Auraria for confidential information and referrals

Business hours: 303-556-6011

24/7 free and confidential helpline: 303-556-CALL (2255)

Tivoli Student Center 259

Contact the Auraria Police Department 24/7 to file a complaint: 303-556-5000

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If you are not sure what to do…

If you are a CCD or CU Denver, or MSUD student, staff, or faculty member and you are not sure whether you are ready to, or want to, formally report, then please contact The Phoenix Center at Auraria before contacting any of the individuals noted above. The Phoenix Center at Auraria can provide confidential information about your options without making a formal report. Call the PCA administrative office during business hours: 303-556-6011 and the 24/7 free helpline: 303-556-CALL (2255).

A Note on Confidentiality

Survivors and those reporting knowledge of interpersonal violence should be aware that the CU Denver and MSUD Counseling Centers can and will maintain confidentiality. The Phoenix Center at Auraria is also a confidential resource. Other CU Denver, CCD and MSUD staff members, however, cannot guarantee confidentiality where a threat of substantial injury or harm to any member of the community is present. However, every effort will be made to keep the identity of the survivor, or person reporting the interpersonal violence confidential. Specific details that would assist in the identification of the survivor, or person reporting the assault will be, where possible, kept confidential. All CU Denver, CCD and MSUD staff members, except those employed in the Counseling Centers, are required by the federal government to complete a confidential statistical report. This report does not include any names or information that could lead to the identification of the victim, survivor, or person reporting the assault.

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