Our Staff

The Phoenix Center at Auraria was established in 2009 as a comprehensive resource for interpersonal violence on the Auraria Campus. Our mission is to implement campus response services, provide education, and facilitate dialogue related to sexual violence, domestic/intimate partner violence, and stalking in the Auraria community.

The PCA’s work would not be possible without the dedication of our staff and volunteers. Get to know them a bit more:

Megan Alpert, MSEd, LPCC, Director

Megan is a master’s level therapist with substantial experience working in the interpersonal violence prevention and support field. Previously, Megan volunteered as a medical advocate at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center responding to seven area Boston hospitals to support survivors through Sexual Assault Forensic Exams. The bulk of Megan’s professional experience comes from working for the military in the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) programs as victim advocate, case manager, and director. Megan was recognized for her outstanding work piloting Naval Station Norfolk’s legal advocacy program and was one of the youngest Sexual Assault Response Coordinators in the world at the time of her appointment. Additionally, Megan has served the City of Norfolk community through outreach with their homeless population as well as through work at the LGBT Center of Hampton Roads as a therapist. Megan holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Northeastern University (Go Sox!) and her Masters of Science in Education degree in Counseling from Old Dominion University. Megan also volunteers as a crisis counselor on the Crisis Text Line and works as a weekend therapist at Denver Springs Behavioral Health Center. In her precious spare time , she loves to swing dance, read, play with her felines, and engage in copious Netflix binges with her partner.

Megan can be reached at 303-315-7251 or megan.alpert@ucdenver.edu 

Katherine Miller, MA, Victim Services Coordinator

Katherine can be reached at 303-315-7254 or katherine.miller@ucdenver.edu 

Violence Prevention Peer Educators (VPEs):

Some of our wonderful 2017-2018 team helped set up our Red Flag Campaign this fall.

Katie – Lead VPE
Katie is a 4th year student at Metropolitan State University, majoring in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology. She works at the Phoenix Center because she believes the best way to end unhealthy cycles is through education and access to resources. In her spare time, she doesn’t enjoy talking about herself, which makes this biography ironic.


Nikki is a first year MSW student at Metropolitan State University. She interns at the Phoenix Center because she believes education about how to have healthy relationships is an important tool for building a happy and well-rounded life. In her spare time she indulges in Game of Thrones marathons and gently asks her cat to please start doing some chores around the house.


Sid is a 2nd year student at CU Denver. He is undecided in both his major and his life, however, he knows that he is very passionate about education and victim support surrounding interpersonal violence. As a trans guy, he is constantly studying masculinity and how it can be changed for the better. On his days off he enjoys playing guitar, cuddling dogs, and dismantling the white-supremacist patriarchy.


Gabbie is a fourth-year student at University of Colorado – Denver studying psychology with minors in interdisciplinary research studies, and women and gender studies. She is a Violence Prevention Educator and Helpline Advocate who has dedicated her life to being part of the solution in social justice. Gabbie also has two cats whom she loves more than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups… and she really loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. In her free time, Gabbie avoids writing biographies about herself because it makes her uncomfortable to refer to herself in third person.


Rebecca is a first year Master of Social Work student at Denver University. She interns at the Phoenix Center because she is passionate about empowering victims of interpersonal violence. When she’s not telling bad jokes or talking about herself, she is usually playing guitar or petting her exquisite dog and one true love, Tiger Lily. 

Hannah – Prevention Intern 

Hannah  has a Bachelors in Social Work from Skidmore College. She spent 8 years following her bachelors working in the field of Developmental Disabilities and working towards empowerment and community-based programs. More recently, she worked in Fair Trade to help support living wages and human services for women across the globe. Hannah is now in her 2nd year of the Master of Social Sciences, Women and Gender Studies track at CU Denver. As an intern at the PCA, Hannah is sincerely invested in the educational component of pursuing an end to Interpersonal Violence. Hannah loves living in Colorado and enjoys hiking, camping, and biking in her free time.

Helpline Intern(s): 


Chris is a Senior at the University of Colorado Denver studying criminal justice. He works for the PCA because he believes interpersonal violence is not only a woman’s issue, and hopes to get his Master’s in Social Work after graduation in order to continue helping underserved individuals. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing with his cat, watching sports, and enjoying the great indoors.