Men Allied Against Violence

Men Allied Against Violence is a program for men on the Auraria campus committed to ending interpersonal violence in their community. We challenge all men to take an interest and get active about exploring interpersonal violence to help end it in our communities.

The Men Allied Against Violence sessions are a safe space for men to think critically about violence and discuss openly a variety of issues related to manhood (including but not limited to victimization, the meaning of masculinity, benefits of being male, sexuality, and healthy expressions of emotions). By creating a male group on campus, advised by a male adviser, we will be creating a safe space where these issues can be discussed confidentially and openly. Once we begin to understand social messages around masculinity and the way this affects our views of and relationships with others, we can begin to understand our power as it relates to interpersonal violence against others.

The goals of the Men Allied Against Violence program are:

  1. To enhance awareness of self related to: Masculinities; Gender role issues/stress; Men’s violence and the emotions related to it; Sexual relationships, sexuality, and healthy relationships.
  2. To increase level of emotional awareness for self and others;
  3. To learn tools for personal responsibility and bystander intervention related to men’s violence against women;
  4. To have an increased awareness of interpersonal violence and a decreased likelihood of engaging in violence towards others and self

Men Allied Against Violence sessions are independent learning experiences that are interrelated but not cumulative, so if you miss one, you can still gain valuable knowledge to help prevent violence. Meetings for the upcoming year have not been determined at this time. If you are interested in the program, please email