About Us

The Phoenix Center at Auraria provides victim advocacy and support as well as campus education for the Auraria Campus. We do not provide counseling, therapy or legal advice. The Phoenix Center at Auraria’s services and educational outreach could not be possible without the hard work and dedication of its staff.

The Phoenix Center at Auraria’s mission is to implement campus response services, provide  education, and facilitate dialogue related to IPV in the Auraria community.

Jessica Frazier, LCSW, Director

Jessica has worked in the victim services field for over 10 years now.  The majority of her professional experience has been working with women and children who are impacted by family violence and individuals experiencing abuse or violence in their relationship.  Jessica has counseled primary and secondary victims of intimate partner violence and has familiarity in community and court advocacy on behalf of survivors of abuse.  Jessica was previously the director of a Metro area domestic violence shelter and 24 hour hotline assisting victims of abuse.  Additionally, she has worked in local middle and high schools educating students on issues related to violence prevention, and speaking on topics related to dating violence and sex assault.  Jessica is also an affiliate faculty for the Social Work Department at MSU Denver and alumni of MSU Denver.  She has a Master of Social Work Degree and is currently pursuing her Licensed Clinical Social Worker requirements for State licensure.

Sarah J. Berg, MSS, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Sarah earned her Masters in Social Science and Women & Gender Studies from CU Denver; her thesis explored the social construction of the “victim” and “survivor” roles for women who have experienced domestic violence. She has previously volunteered with Safehouse Denver answering their crisis hotline. When she isn’t working she enjoys live music, spicy food, and being a cat lady.

Jenn Doe, MPA, Violence Prevention Education Coordinator

Jenn Doe completed a Masters of Public Administration degree at CU Denver’s School of Public Affairs. She has a concentration in Domestic Violence Studies and a background in marketing and design. Jenn began working with the PCA as a Violence Prevention Educator and has moved into a leadership position overseeing prevention education efforts campus wide. She hopes to fuse her creative skills with her administrative skills in order to educate the public about issues of interpersonal violence. Jenn works hard, plays harder and looks forward to lazy Saturday mornings in bed with her two cats.

Violence Prevention Peer Educators (VPEs)

Brennalynn is a first-year student at the University of Colorado Denver. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, and also adding on a degree in Music Education. She works at the PCA as a Violence Prevention Educator and she enjoys making others aware about the PCA’s great services and resources. Brennalynn enjoys going hiking, visiting her family in Ireland, and free-writing in her spare time.

Jalisa graduated from MSU Denver with her BS in human performance and sports, planning on a career in physical therapy. After working as an exercise specialist, she realized that people were not self-motivated to wanting to get better. From conversations with clients, she recognized a lack of conversation about mental health resources. She then worked at Excelsior Youth Center as a group living counselor and became frustrated at how young girls normalized a lot of dehumanizing experiences, so she applied to MSU Denver’s Masters of Social Work program. She is now in her first year of graduate school and wanting to find a way to encompass mental health with physical health to focus on an overall well-being. She also likes to write and perform poetry, is sad that How I Met Your Mother ended and enjoys riding her bike around downtown.

Johanna received her bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from UPEL – Maracay (Venezuela). She worked for 5 years teaching in public schools and Universities. Once she moved to the USA, she realized that she no longer could do the work she was doing in Venezuelan schools. There she could not only teach, but also do some counseling with students. Here she realized that counseling was her real passion. Because of that, she decided to become a counselor. Particularly, she wants to focus her work on women in the Latino/Hispanic community. At the moment, she is enrolled in the social work program at DU, and she is doing her internship at the Phoenix center as a Violence Prevention Educator as well as a help line advocate.

Kendal is a MSU Denver senior graduating this fall, pursuing a degree in Social Justice Counseling with Alternative Communities with the individualized degree program. Kendal is currently doing two internships, one with Phoenix Center of Auraria and one at GLBT Student Services. She hopes to bring a voice to the individuals who are silenced in the GLBT community. She is working on her skills as a presenter to be better able to go out in the community and educate on important issues such as GLBT awareness paired with interpersonal violence and how they intersect. Kendal hopes to one day have a safe house for queer individuals to come to after a traumatic event to be in a safe environment. Kendal enjoys escaping to the mountains to be around nature, spending time with her four legged kid, and game nights with the people she loves.

Lexi is a senior at MSU Denver in the psychology department. She hopes to pursue a career working with the military to change sexual assault policies and prevention education. She is passionate about raising awareness of interpersonal violence on college campuses and finding ways to empower those who are survivors of interpersonal violence. She loves koala bears and pizza.

Nicole is a senior at the Community College of Denver and will graduate in May 2015 with my associate’s degree in Human Services.  When she is done she plans to attend Metro State to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Social Work.  Her passion is to help victims of interpersonal violence (IPV), and she wants to be a role model for other victims.  The biggest thing she wants to do is educate the world on IPV, and change as many minds as she can in the process.  Her passion is others and giving back so when she’s done with school she plans to work with youth victims and at risk teens.